What is Les Mills Grit?

Les Mills high intensity training exists to take your fitness to the next level – offering similar benefits to Reebok CrossFit in terms of athletic development, physical gains and mental strength, but with a slightly different training model which complements our main CrossFit offer.

The Box will be offering Les Mills Grit programs and sessions from January 2017.


There are three types of Les Mills Grit programmes, which massively improve your cardiovascular fitness whilst building your strength, maxing out your calorie burn and building that active, lean muscle which both burns calories and helps you to look amazing.

Our Les Mills classes are run from The Box locations, Somerset and led by highly experienced, qualified coaches in the Les Mills Grit training methodology. Classes cover high intensity cycling, plyometrics and functional HIT, which all deliver incredibly fast, powerful results.

You will have fun, meet new friends, amaze yourself with your progression and see rapid benefits – not just in the mirror, but in the way you feel and have the energy and confidence to meet the challenges that everyday life throws at you.