Thought that gymnastics was just for young, agile athletes? Think again.

This sport offers fantastic benefits at any age, and you can begin at any level of fitness with the right progression work. We draw on professional resources to create programmed, structured sessions.

Our coaches are highly experienced and will expertly guide you through the gymnastics requirements, helping you to work towards pull-up variations, walking handstands and other movements that allow you to attain true functional fitness by focusing on all things gymnastic – working on calisthenics, skills and strengths.

We have all the necessary equipment in our CrossFit facilities at The Box, including crash mats – so there’s no worry about early tumbles! Come and give it a try and have a huge amount of fun in the process.

Your mind, body and overall wellbeing will certainly thank you as you become stronger, more flexible and increasingly agile – all vital attributes for handling the everyday challenges that life throws at you.